Len’s Top 5 – October 24, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • Game 3 of the World Series is tonight in San Francisco. The Royals and Giants are tied 1-1.
  • Thursday Night Football: Denver beat San Diego 35-21. Denver and Dallas have the best NFL records at 6-1.
  • 40-year old L.A. Lakers guard Steve Nash is out of the year with back trouble. His terrific career may be over.

2. Decibel Level

Maybe Peyton Manning is our savior. He has taken on the scoreboard operator in Denver. He was upset last night that the scoreboard was revving up the crowd when the Broncos had the ball. How can his linemen possibly hear him shout “Omaha.” He also didn’t think it was right to show San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers. The crowds booed at that. Maybe Manning can now take on all those stadium operators who tell us as fans when to “get louder,” or “I can’t hear you.” It’s just a sports event not a pseudo-rock concert.

3. Rulon Gardner

It seems that wrestler Rulon Gardner has had 9 lives. He nearly died in a snowmobile accident. He survived a plane crash. And along the way he pulled the biggest wrestling upset in Olympic history when he beat the Russian Bear, Aleksandr Karelin at the Sydney Olympics. Karelin hadn’t lost in 13 years. You can read about my book, Greatest Moments in Sports: Upsets and Underdogs.
Anyway, now Gardner is trying to battle out of bankruptcy. He’s auctioning off a lot of his wrestling memorabilia. Unfortunately his 2000 gold medal from the “Miracle on the Mat” has already been sold off. Sad.

4. Friday eMailbag

More fallout from late World Series games on the East Coast from a N.J. resident P.M. “Not only do the games end too late for me, they also end too late to be covered in the state’s largest paper, the Star Ledger. Neither of the first two games was reported the following morning. Who wants to read about the outcome two days later?”
Editor’s Note: That’s why they have the Top 5!

With excessive self-congratulatory celebrations becoming the norm in sports, S.R. writes, “Celebrating a first down, a sack, a third and one stoppage has become the calling card of a vapid culture of spoiled, out of control athletes, paid way beyond their real-life pay grades. The NFL has lost its way and its culture has shifted dramatically – not for the better.”

When I wrote about my stint as a sideline reporter on Jets games and that I wouldn’t get the gig now because I’m not “Pretty, blonde or female enough,” B.C. wrote, “Today’s coverage of all sports is a sad commentary of our culture: style over substance.”

And when I kvetched that the Top 5 wasn’t opened in Alaska but it was read in Russia, L.H. wrote, “There’s no need for Alaskans to open “That’s Sports” — they can just go out on their front porches and read over the shoulder of a Russian.”
Editor’s Note: To paraphrase Sarah Palin, I can read that from here!

5. Spanning the World

This week’s Spanning the World highlight comes from Scotland. Just a simple 3-foot putt.

Spanning the World airs on NBC’s Today Show. Next up: Friday November 28th.

Happy Birthday: Former Giants quarterback Y.A. Tittle. 88.
Bonus Birthday: Actor Kevin Kline. 67.

Today in Sports: A foreign team wins the World Series for the first time as the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves in 6 games. 1992.
Bonus Event: They opened up the George Washington Bridge. 1931.

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