Len’s Top 5 – August 21, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • The San Francisco Giants win their protest. See #2.
  • It’s now 9 straight wins for the first place Washington Nationals.
  • At the Little League World Series, Las Vegas beat Mo’ne Davis and Philadelphia 8-1 to reach the U.S. Championship game.
  • Great news! Doctors say former Buffalo quarterback Jim Kelly is now cancer-free.

2. Once in a Blue Moon

You never see a baseball team win a protest. Actually it’s rare. The last time was 1986 when the Pirates won a protest over a game being called too soon for rain. Of course the Royals famously won the “Pine Tar” protest of 1983. But yesterday, for the first time in 28 years a protest was won. The Giants thought they got screwed by the tarp fiasco at Wrigley the other day and Major League Baseball agreed. So instead of the Cubs winning 2-0, the game will resume today in the bottom of the 5th. You see? Something that happened way back in 1986 can actually happen again. Right Mets fans?

3. Ka-Ching

If you like lists you’ll love the Forbes take on the value of NFL teams. The most valuable is the Dallas Cowboys at $3.2 billion. There are 4 teams valued at $2-billion or more, Dallas, New England, Washington and the Giants. The other 28 teams are valued at less than was actually paid for the L.A. Clippers. The St. Louis Rams are last in the value-parade at a measly $930-million. So now you know why the NFL needs to charge its Super Bowl halftime performers. They are seriously strapped for cash.

4. Like Clockwork

Nice gesture from Seattle’s Robinson Cano. The Mariners played in Philly this week and Cano surprised Phillies bench coach Larry Bowa with a new Rolex as a “thank you” for helping him as a youngster. Leave it to Top 5 subscriber Glen T. to turn snarky. Perhaps he’s a disgruntled Yankees fan. He quipped “Bowa returned the watch to Cano complaining that it runs too slow.” Ouch!

5. Monkey See

Ah the bat flip. A couple of Korean little leaguers have taken up the act. Funny. Both were outs. Before you say Yasiel Puig, don’t blame the Americans for this one. One of the all-time classic bat flips was a Korean.
Look at me. I just whacked a foul ball!

Happy Birthday: “The fastest man in the world,” Usain Bolt. 28.
Bonus Birthday: Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere. 25.

Today in Sports: Catcher Gabby Street of the Washington Senators catches a baseball dropped from the top of the Washington Monument. 1908.
Bonus Event: 55 years ago today. Hawaii becomes the 50th state. 1959.

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