Len’s Top 5 – October 17, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! Bobby Thomson and Travis Ishikawa. They both hit bottom of the 9th inning game-winning 3-run homers to win the pennant and send the Giants to the World Series. 6-3 last night, as the Giants beat the Cards 4 games to 1.
  • Thursday Night Football: New England held off the Jets 27-25, the Jets 6th straight loss.
  • How about a preseason buzzer beater? Enjoy Jimmy Butler’s shot for the Chicago Bulls that beat the Atlanta Hawks last night.

2. The Fall Classic

Only once have two wild card teams met in the World Series, 2002 when the Angels beat the Giants. But this year is historic. The winners of the two wild card games have made it, both surviving one”play-in” game. Have there been two hotter teams with better bullpens making it to the World Series? So on paper, this should be a dandy. And more important, in the Top 5 pick the World Series MVP contest, 70 of you are still alive. The most popular choices are Buster Posey of the Giants and Eric Hosmer of the Royals. Nobody chose a relief pitcher!

3. Score!

So when your favorite hockey team scores a goal, what does the horn sound like inside the arena? You can check out every team right here.
And as a special service to Florida Panthers fans, here’s your horn. You probably don’t recognize it since it rarely gets sounded.

4. Friday eMailbag

With the length of postseason baseball games averaging 3 1/2 hours, B.C. writes, “TV has made baseball all but unwatchable. Too many promos, too many commercials, too many commentators commenting. Just give me the game and get out of the way.”

When I wondered about the appropriateness of Viagra commercials during afternoon baseball playoff telecasts when kids are watching, M.P. wrote, “I also wondered about the Viagra commercials – especially ironic given the date. I Love Lucy debuted on October 15th, 1951 … not only were Lucy and Desi required to have separate beds, they had to substitute the word ‘pregnant’ with ‘expecting.’”

When I wrote “Thanks to Phil Jackson the Knicks have started mindfulness training,” M.W. countered “Clearly the Knicks will be playing Buddhaball not basketball.”

And from P.R. “Pretty sad when you have to mind-train millionaires, playing a game, to stay in the moment. What else should they be doing on the basketball court?”

And when he saw the portly and shirtless Columbus Blue Jackets fan Dancing Kevin, W.G. wrote that he was “FLABbergasted.”

5. Spanning the World

This week’s Spanning the World highlight comes from a Bosnian soccer game. What does a ref get for giving a player a yellow card? See for yourself. Not nice.

Spanning the World airs on NBC’s Today Show. Next up: Friday November 28th.

Happy Birthday: Golfer Ernie Els. 45.
Bonus Birthday: Rapper Eminem. 42.

Today in Sports: 25 years ago today. A major earthquake struck as Game 1 of the World series was about to begin in San Francisco. The World Series was delayed for 10 days. 1989.
Bonus Event: Gangster Al Capone is convicted of income tax evasion. 1931.

Hey Alaska, wake up! The last two days the Top 5 was opened in the other 49 states. Not to mention Poland, India and Costa Rica for starters.

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