Len’s Top 5 – August 18, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • Defending champ Rafael Nadal has dropped out of the U.S. Open with a wrist injury.
  • Seismic shift. If the baseball playoffs began today, 8 of the 10 teams are west of the Mississippi. Only Baltimore and Washington are not. Heck, somebody has to represent the East.
  • They opened up the San Francisco 49ers new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos spoiled the party with a 34-0 win.
  • How did Kevin Sutherland shoot the first 59 on the Champion’s Tour Saturday? By making bogey on the last hole. He ballooned to 74 yesterday and finished tied for 7th in Endicott, New York.

2. The Lying Irish

Four Notre Dame football players have been removed from the team while they’re being investigated for academic fraud. It seems papers and homework were written by others. Does anyone think that this isn’t rampant among big time “student athletes?” They probably knew something was fishy in South Bend when the team’s motto became, “Win one for the cribber.”

3. Rule Book

Talk about locking the barn door after the pony has been stolen. NASCAR now has a rule that drivers can’t get out of their cars until safety vehicles arrive. This after the death on the track last week. There’s something wrong with a sport where you have to legislate common sense.

4. Hail Mary

When’s the last time a Hail Mary was thrown to a quarterback? That may be the case in Buffalo. Rocker Bon Jovi wants to buy the NFL Bills, but despite denials, most locals believe he wants to move the team to Toronto. Enter the last ditch effort. Bon Jovi reportedly reached out to beloved Bills quarterback Jim Kelly who is battling cancer. Supposedly he wants Kelly as part of his group. Kelly may have no interest in playing “second fiddle” to Bon Jovi, but it’s worth exploring.

5. Premature Exuberation

You heard the one about the French steeplechase runner who was so far in the lead he took off his shirt before he crossed the finish line? Spain filed a protest, it got upheld and the French guy got disqualified. Remember U.S. snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis? She was about to win gold at the 2006 Winter Olympics when she showboated, fell, and took home silver instead. Are athletes paying attention?

Born on this date: The great Roberto Clemente would have been 80 today.
Bonus Birthday: Robert Redford. 78.

Today in Sports: 35-year-old Larry Bird announced his retirement from the Boston Celtics. 1992.
Bonus Event: Now we can inhale from balloons and speak funny. Helium is discovered. 1868.

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