Len’s Top 5 – October 31, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • The Knicks spoiled LeBron James’ homecoming party in Cleveland, beating the Cavaliers 95-90. James had 17 points and 8 turnovers.
  • Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook broke his hand in the Thunders 93-90 loss to the Clippers.
  • Thursday Night Football: New Orleans (4-4 and in first place) beat Carolina (3-5) 28-10.
  • College football: Undefeated Florida State trailed Louisville 21-0 and won 42-31.
  • It’s parade day in San Francisco today for the champion Giants.

2. Dynastic

So everyone seems to be hung up and whether or not the San Francisco Giants are a dynasty. Who cares? And by the way they’re not. There have only been a few dynasties in sports. UCLA basketball, the Boston Celtics, the Yankees and you can throw in the Montreal Canadiens, not to mention the Ming Dynasty in China. But what’s the difference? What the Giants have done is special. So enjoy it, no matter what you want to call it. What is definitive is that before the two Championship Series began 6 Top 5 subscribers correctly predicted Madison Bumgarner to be the World Series MVP. So congrats to the following winners. Autographed book and hats are on their way.

*Joe F. Irwin, Pa.
*Ken G. Belmont, Ca.
*Jim G. Morega, Ca.
*Diane C. White Plains, NY
*Suzanne T. Concord, Ca.
*Jeff F. Great Neck, NY

3. A-Return

Time flies, don’t it? Alex Rodriguez’s year-long suspension is up. He’s a free man. Are Yankees fans happy about that? I think yes. Last time I looked their roster was a little slim. From Derek’s farewell to A-Rod’s return without missing a beat. Now that’s sports.

4. Friday eMailbag

With half of Florida State’s backfield under investigation, B.A. writes, “The only bowl game Florida State should see this year would be my new creation ‘The Longest Yard Bowl.’”
Editor’s note: Not the Pinstripe Bowl?

With the great Gordie Howe ailing, K.V. shares this memory: “After a game in the WHA, it was his 50th birthday. They brought a birthday cake to the locker room. A comment came from the back of the room: ‘Want a knife to cut the cake, Gramps? Or will your elbows do?’”

As for Jose Canseco shooting-off his middle finger while cleaning his handgun, B.W. writes, “Looks like Jose Canseco graduated from the Plaxico Burress school of how to handle a loaded gun!!!”

5. Spanning the World

This week’s Spanning the World highlight comes from a high school football game in Utah. The idea was for the quarterback to run out the clock. He thought he had and then dropped the football. Oops! The other team scooped it up and ran for the game-winning touchdown to advance to the playoffs.

Spanning the World airs on NBC’s Today Show. Next up: Friday November 28th.

Happy Birthday: Alabama football coach Nick Saban. 63.
Bonus Birthday: Newsman Dan Rather. 83.

Today in Sports: Chris Antley becomes the first jockey to win 9 races in one day, 4 at Aqueduct and 5 in the Meadowlands. 1987.
Bonus Event: After 14 years they declared that Mount Rushmore was complete. 1941.

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