Len’s Top 5 – September 22, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • In the Super Bowl “rematch” Seattle beat Denver again, this time 26-20 in overtime.
  • The self-destruction team of the day, San Francisco. Have they stopped throwing flags against the Niners yet? They basically gave away their game to Arizona.
  • Act like you’ve done it before. Detroit linebacker Stephen Tulloch injured his knee while celebrating a sack of Aaron Rodgers.
  • Who had Cincinnati, Arizona and Philadelphia being the only 3-0 teams?
  • Baseball: St. Louis clinches at least a wild card.

2. Damage Control

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came out of hiding last Friday to meet with reporters. Since late Friday into Saturday is considered a “dead news cycle” you have to wonder how calculated his appearance was? After listening to the entire proceeding I reached this bottom line. The commissioner is not resigning and the league is perfectly content to try to lock the barn door after the horses got stolen. Other than that. It’s “time to play ball.” By the way that crack NFL security staff that couldn’t find the Ray Rice elevator tape somehow let a guy into the news conference who proceeded to disrupt it.

3. What About the Game?

I can hear the late great Curt Gowdy now. He used to lament “What about the game?” He was referring to all the commercials, promos and other clutter that he had to deal with during a telecast. In addition to the commissioner’s spin session on Friday came these headlines: ESPN reports that the Ravens tried to cover up the Ray Rice episode. FSU upped the suspension of “bad boy” quarterback Jameis Winston to a full game. Was it another example of caving to public opinion? And former college and NBAer Rex Chapman was arrested for stealing $14,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple Store in Scottsdale and then trying to sell the stuff to a pawn shop. My friend Curt might have really been speaking about sports as a whole not just telecasts.

4. Double Standard

Many are asking, including some Top 5 subscribers, about U.S. goaltender Hope Solo. She’s also accused of domestic abuse by a half-sister and nephew. She goes on trial in November. But unlike her NFL brethren, she continues to play and hasn’t lost her endorsements. Is there a double standard at play? Is it because she plays a lesser sport? Is it a gender issue? Discuss.

5. South Park

Interesting that South Park aired a promo during the telecast of the Washington/Philadelphia game that mocked Washington owner Dan Snyder. The premise in the clip mocked the Redskins for losing their trademark. I can guess that the NFL isn’t happy with one of its TV partners over this, but they’ve got much bigger fish to fry.

Happy Birthday: Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. 87.
Bonus Birthday: Tenor Andrea Bocelli. (Thought you guys could use a little culture.) 56.

Today in Sports: Record setting. Cy Young wins his 511th game, his final win. 1911.
Bonus Event: 50 years ago today, Zero Mostel debuted as Tevye on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof. 1964.

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