Len’s Top 5 – August 22, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • Chicago beat Mo’ne Davis and Philadelphia 6-5 to advance to tomorrow’s U.S. Final against Las Vegas at the Little League World Series.
  • The first place Angels have lost their best pitcher, Garrett Richards, for 6-9 months with a knee injury.
  • Barclay’s golf in New Jersey: The first round leader is Bo Van Pelt at 6 under par. Rory McIlroy is 9 shots back.
  • Paralyzed swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen takes her first steps.

2. Protest

This has been an intensive worldwide news cycle. And with all the problems that exist around the globe, I think it’s time for a protest. Yup. Fans of Manchester United are going to demonstrate before their next home game. They accuse the Glazer family, who also own the Tampa Bay Bucs, of stuffing money in their pockets and not trying to improve the team. Things were exacerbated by Manchester’s opening day loss to Swansea. You mean sports ownership is interested in profits? I’m going on strike.

3. Thanks Coach

This may have been the highlight of the week. After Rhode Island got eliminated 8-7 by Chicago at the Little League World Series, coach David Belisle gathered up his heartbroken team.
So there is crying in baseball. And it’s just fine. Way to go coach!

4. Friday eMailbag

As for Phil Simms not using Washington’s nickname on NFL telecasts, A.M. writes, “Tell Phil that many will be offended by him calling the team Washington! Maybe he should just call them the team in the Maroon and Yellow uniforms!”

When I wrote on twitter @LenBermanSports, “If the NFL wants to charge Super Bowl halftime artists to perform is that called good business or a shakedown? C.V. answered “Are we surprised? All about money. Ten years from now they will charge us via an app to watch the halftime show.”

And with the passing of the great announcer Don Pardo, Top 5 subscriber M.B. writes: “When I worked at WNBC, one of the sports producers asked Don to voice a message on his answering machine… and of course he did it. So cool of him to do that.”

And from R.B.” R.I.P. Don Pardo, who St. Peter has named the official announcer at the entrance to the Pearly Gates.”

5. Spanning the World

This week’s Spanning the World highlight comes from London where a fan ran on the field and took a free kick.
He missed the shot, was manhandled by police, arrested and charged under the 1991 “Football Offences Act.” So if you’re scoring at home. Lose, lose, lose, lose, loser.

Spanning the World airs on NBC’s Today Show. Next Up: Friday, September 26th.

Happy Birthday: NFL Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells. 73.
Bonus Birthday: Modern Family’s Ty Burrell. 47.

Today in Sports: Giants pitcher Juan Marichal clubs Dodgers catcher John Roseboro over the head with his bat. 1965.
Bonus Event: Ride softly but carry a big stick. Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first president to ride in an automobile. 1902.

The Top 5 will resume Tuesday September 2nd.

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