Len’s Top 5 – December 12, 2014

1. Quick Hits

  • Thursday Night Football: Finally an NFL game without a single end zone celebration. Arizona (11-3) beat St. Louis (6-8) 12-6. All field goals. Not a single TD or TD dance.
  • The Boston Red Sox traded outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to Detroit for pitcher Rick Porcello.
  • A judge will not interfere with the result of an Oklahoma High School football result, even though there was an egregious official’s mistake which decided the game.

2. Protest

Here’s why I love my Top 5 subscribers. With all the chatter about athletes and “political” t-shirts and gestures, Wayne T. came up with the line of the week to lighten the load. “How ’bout some “I Can’t Play” t-shirts for the 76ers and Knicks?”

3. A Tradition Unlike Any Other

We probably wouldn’t have heard of Taylor University in Upland Indiana if not for their little “Silent Night Tradition.” Before finals, the fans sit on their hands at their team’s basketball game and when they score their 10th point, they go nuts. This was the scene against Kentucky Christian.
Love the giant pencil! By the way, the team is 18-0 in “Silent Night” games.

4. Friday eMailbag

Regarding athletes with social protests at sports events, J.S. writes, “Of course people don’t want to see protest imagery during a sports event. It confronts them with something uncomfortable. That’s why it’s a protest. If you forced it to the sidelines, it wouldn’t be effective. Good for the players.”

S.W. counters, “I pay lots of money to see sports, hear music/singing, and laugh at comedy. If I wanted to hear people’s a#*hole opinions, I’d visit my family more often during the holidays.”

With the U.S. Postal Service releasing two Wilt Chamberlain stamps, H.K. writes, “Len, it’s nice to know that Wilt will be posting up forever.”

When LeBron James committed a faux pas by putting his arm around Princess Kate, B.W. wrote, “Hey Len, if it was a foul, do you think Kate would have flopped to get the call?”

5. Spanning the World

This week’s Spanning the World highlight comes from a golf tournament in South Africa. Golfers know all about hazards. Here’s a new one. Normally the only golf hazards that move are in miniature golf.

Spanning the World airs on NBC’s Today Show. Next up: Spanning the Year, Friday December 26th.

Happy Birthday: Gymnast Cathy Rigby. 62.
Bonus Birthday: Frank Sinatra would have been 99 today.

Today in Sports: The Texas Rangers signed Alex Rodriguez to a record breaking contract, 10-years $252-million. 2000.
Bonus Event: Same day, same year. The Supreme Court ruled that Florida’s vote was legal, George Bush wins the Presidency. 2000.

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